Top 3 ways to protect your hair from Hard Water

Top 3 ways to protect your hair from Hard Water

Have you ever washed your hair only for it to feel worse than before you washed it? You have likely been a victim of healthy hair's arch enemy - Hard Water!

In this article we break down what hard water really is, and how to protect your hair from hard water. 


Hard water is water high in mineral content. The water becomes "hard" due to being filtered through minerals such as limestone and chalk. It is these minerals that damage our hair and skin. Evidence of hard water can commonly be seen as the chalky build up inside kettles, around shower heads, and taps. 


After washing in hard water, our hair can feel dry, straw-like, and generally disgusting! It's common to see increased hair breakage and split ends too. 

The calcium in hard water can cause that itchy, flaky, and uncomfortable feeling on our scalps. The calcium dries out hair, and blocks the natural oils our scalp normally releases to keep our hair healthy. 

The magnesium in hard water kills shine, and adds dead weight to hair. This leaves our hair feeling flat and lifeless.

What a disaster!

Bad Hair


Here are our Top 3 ways to protect your hair from Hard Water: 

1. Natural Oils:
Natural oils rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E contain essential nutrients to moisturise and condition dry hair.  Our 100% natural Softnest Hair Mask contains 13 plant based oils, chosen specially to repair damage caused by hard water. Our unique oil blend nourishes and revitalises hair from the inside out. Best of all, each Softnest Hair Mask packet contains 5 treatments!* That's less than £4 per treatment!
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Protect your hair from hard water with the Softnest Hair Mask


2. Water Filters:
Water filters can aid in "softening" water prior to coming out of a tap, however can be costly and sometimes impractical. Water filters can range from shower head filters, which are cheaper and short term, to permanent and more expensive reverse osmosis filtration systems.

For renters, the permanent more expensive filter systems are likely not an option (unless you have a dream landlord!) however the shower head filters still do help.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse:
Another natural solution! The acidity in apple cider vinegar helps to break down the calcium, dandruff-like build up on the scalp, and balances the pH balance of your hair. 

Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 3 cups of water, and use in the shower in-between shampooing and conditioning your hair. 


    While living in a hard water area can sometimes be hard to avoid, there are ways to minimise the damage it causes to our hair and skin. We recommend a combination of all 3 of our protection remedies, to protect your hair from hard water.

    To see how our Softnest Hair Mask can save your hair, check out our video!

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    *5 uses dependent on hair type, length, and thickness.


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