Customise your Softnest Hair Mask consistency

Liquid or Cream?! You Choose!...
Customise the Softnest Hair Mask consistency to suit your hair!
The unique thing about the Softnest Hair Mask is that it is customisable when applying to the hair. Being 100% natural, the oils contained within the Softnest Hair Mask adjust to temperature changes.
The mask will naturally thicken when stored in a colder environment and liquify when warmed. This allows for customising and creating your own individual experience to suit your application preference.
For the ladies rocking a shorter hair look, you may find that using a thicker consistency allows for a more convenient application.
Thicker, longer and curlier hair would benefit from a liquid consistency so that the Softnest Hair Mask distributes evenly along the hair strands and get better usage per packet.
To achieve this, if the mask is runny and a creamier consistency is preferred, it can be thickened by placing in the fridge for a couple of minutes, or alternatively, melted by placing the closed packet under some warm tap water to melt the oils to a liquid form.*
Be in control of your hair today!

*Altering the temperature from liquid to cream consistencies will not affect the product performance as it is a natural occurrence within the oil blend ingredients.

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