Our Story




Chirp Body is a fresh and premium natural cosmetics brand established in London, UK.
 We combine the finest ingredients Mother Nature has to offer, to create decadent products that soothe, revitalise, and rejuvenate your face, skin, and hair – naturally!





Chirp Body’s founders say the brand was born when upon moving to London from Australia, they found their hair to quickly become damaged, dry, and brittle, with on going hair breakage due to London’s hard water! While there were many chemical filled products on the market, there were no natural solutions that ticked all the necessary boxes.
Unable to find a simple, efficient, and most importantly natural, hair care product to strengthen, revitalise and protect their hair from harsh elements, Chirp Body’s founders developed their flagship 100% natural product: The Softnest Hair Mask.





Chirp Body’s mission is to continue developing ethical natural products that are kind to both you and Mother Nature.

We will wherever possible:
- Use reduced, environmentally friendly packaging;
- Utilise ingredients close to nature;
- Never test on animals;
- Educate and work together to reduce our carbon footprint.



    We invite you to join the journey of Chirp Body’s gentle & pure beauty range to
    keep you looking as radiant as Mother Nature intended!