How does Chirp Body's Softnest Hair Mask Work?
Chirp Body's Softnest Hair Mask combines the perfect blend of rich naturally occurring oils to provide hair nourishment and rehydration.

Oils including Coconut, Grapeseed, and Argan, have been specifically selected for their penetrative properties to absorb right from the hair surface to the heart of each strand, providing a deep hair treatment from root to tip. 

Our relaxing bouquet of aromatherapy scents including Bergamot and Ylang Ylang, provide a luxury spa experience in the comfort of you own home!  

Chirp Body's Softnest Hair Mask will leave your hair feeling stronger, healthier, and shinier, as it naturally should be!




Will my hair benefit from Chirp Body's Softnest Hair Mask? 

The Softnest Hair Mask is beneficial for all types of hair! If you are exposed to "hard water" in the UK, our mask specialises in replenishing moisture to prevent hair breakage. 

Our pure blend of natural oils add strength and vibrancy to coloured, bleach, and chemically treated hair. 

Rocking Hair Extensions? Our Softnest Hair Mask can be used on human hair extensions only. 

      How much Softnest Hair Mask do I use per treatment?
      Everybody's hair is different, so the perfect amount for your hair depends on your hair length and thickness. Our Softnest Hair Mask provides on average approximately 3 - 5 treatments per packet. 

      Apply 2 squeezes to an open hand and begin applying the Softnest Hair Mask starting at the ends of your hair, adding as needed until you your hair is evenly coated all the way through to the roots. 
        Is it normal for my Softnest Hair Mask to melt in my hand?

        Yes it is normal – that’s precisely how we intended it! The oil melting in your hands ensures it spreads evenly when applying to your hair.

        The Softnest Hair Mask is best applied as a paste-like consistency on your hand to begin with, which means it may need to be placed in the fridge for a short period to solidify if it is too runny (from being in a warm environment), as it is sensitive to temperature change.

        Alternatively if the Softnest Hair Mask is too solid to easily squeeze out of the packet, place the packet (with closed lid!) in a bowl of warm water for 2 minutes until it softens.

        How do I remove the Softnest Hair Mask from my hair?

        Having left your Softnest Hair Mask in for at least 25 minutes (or overnight for deep treatment), we recommend washing your hair thoroughly twice with shampoo, to prevent your hair from feeling oily after treatment.

        Tip: Massaging shampoo into scalp and hair prior to washing will help loosen the oils for ease in washing out.

        How often should I use the Chirp Body Softnest Hair Mask?

        One of the great things about Chirp Body’s Softnest Hair Mask is that because it is made with 100% natural ingredients, it can be used as little or as often as you like!

        We recommend a treatment once or twice a week, for sustained results.

        I have a nut allergy, is the Softnest Hair Mask safe to use?

        For those suffering from nuts allergies we advise to cautiously review the ingredients contained in our Softnest Hair Mask. Although it is common for people with tree nut allergies to use coconut oil products without issue, each person is different. So if you have any doubts, please consult with your doctor prior to use. 

        Is the Softnest Hair Mask cruelty-free?

        Chirp Body is proudly 100% cruelty-free on all products, and never tested on animals.

        Is the Chirp Body’s Softnest Hair Mask vegan friendly?

        The Softnest Hair Mask uses only natural plant based ingredients and is 100% vegan friendly. 

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          How long will it take to receive my Softnest Hair Mask?

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