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Softnest Hair Mask



Time to set your hair free!

Combining the finest ingredients provided by Mother Nature, SOFTNEST HAIR MASK is specifically designed to deliver softer, shinier and more manageable hair.

Our unique blend of nourishing oils are easily absorbed into your hair providing ultimate hydration and nutrients to every strand, to restore hair from the inside out.

Induldge in fresh citrus and botanical aromas to rejuvenate your senses, relax and unwind while your hair gets the ultimate pamper treatment!


Coconut oil Leaf left Grapeseed oil Left leaf Castor seed oil Leaf right Olive fruit oil leaf leftArgan kernal oil left leaf Jojoba fruit oil right leafAvocado oil left leaf Grapefruit oil left leafBergamot oil left leaf Lemon oilright leafTea Tree oilleft leafVanilla oilleft leafYlang Ylang flower oil
*limonene *linalool *geraniol *citral 
(*natural component of essential oils)

One packet = Average 5 + uses*

*depending on hair thickness & length

Learn the ingredient benefits - CLICK HERE!


 One packet = Average 5 + uses*
*depending on hair thickness & length

How to customise your treatment - CLICK HERE!

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